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What is Road Base?

It is understood road base materials can beĀ granite, crushed gravel or limestone, which are then compacted to form a hard surface. They are frequently used in the construction of roads, paving substrates, hard stands, parking areas, footpaths and driveways.

Road base is one of the most versatile filling products that can be used in construction. It comprises materials such as decomposed granite, crushed gravel, or limestone, which are then compacted to form hard surfaces. It is crushed blue or grey rock around 20 millimetres in size with smaller-sized rock particles, right down to “fines” mixed in.

The mixture of small-sized rocks to dust particles enables the result of a solid compacted surface.

When to use it?

Road Base is used as the foundation of roads and driveways, which is laid and compacted into a smooth surface. It can also be used under cement slabs ensuring stability and stable compaction.

The base material should be laid at an approximate thickness of 100 to 250 millimetres in depth. This gives the surface structural integrity and strength once the surface is graded, compacted and water-bound.

We also have Cement Treated Base (CTB), which is our blue metal variety, with 3% of cement blended into it. This needs to be spread and compacted within 4 hours of delivery.

How much does Road Base cost?

Road Base is more expensive than Crusher Dust, however, for large pads, driveways, and civil projects it is the most affordable option. Ask the team at Summit Quarries about their quarry direct pricing.

How do I calculate the amount of road base for a driveway project?

Material at 150mm depth allows for 20% compaction by vehicles. A driveway 6m long by 6m wide will give you the following calculations:

  • Square Metres: 36m2
  • Cubic Metres: 5.4m3
  • Tonnes: 10.264t

road base quarry operations

If possible, use a heavy roller to compact your driveway before driving vehicles on it. Over time, it is natural for the material to move and this may require some maintenance. Road Base with cement content will bind better and offer more durability.


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