Quarry Contractors at Summit Construction Materials

All Quarry Contractors onsite at any of the Summit Quarries have guidelines that must be abided by. The Code of Conduct for Drivers and Truck Drivers Records forms can be both downloaded via the links below.

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Summit Construction Materials has the know-how, resources and expertise to deliver major civil works across a broad industry sector, while integrating and exceeding the safety expectations of clients. The business understands the complex nature of quarry work and works closely with clients to achieve positive delivery.

Our commitment to a safe workplace for quarry contractors is always at the forefront of our mind.

Summit Construction Materials offers the following services in quarry works:

  • Major earthworks and material placement
  • Rock blasting and processing, including crushing, sieving, etc.
  • Significant levels of run-off control
  • Construction of civil infrastructure works.
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OHS for Quarry Contractors at Summit Construction Materials

The quarries operate under a strict OHS Management System and all processes are undertaken with safety as a priority. All visitors and sub-contractors are required to adhere to the site rules and code of practices. Before you visit our quarries, please read the rules via the link below.